21 Oct 2018
Day 3 of Scotland 2018

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Nervous excitement at the Dungeons The two scariest sights at the Edinburgh Dungeons All the boys pointing out to Mr Simpson that photos are banned.....oops KIT WASH.......scarier than the dungeons Cinema.....that is a lot of popcorn and slushies The boys leaving Edinburgh Castle. Finn K examines a cannon in great detail Edinburgh Castle = Historical venue = Mr Baird to the fore ! Mr Dawson tries to recruit a number 8 before the matches tomorrow...

This morning was meant to begin with a lie in for all.....however I am not sure the Year 7s have quite figured out how lie ins work and ensured we were down to breakfast earlier than planned. After a hearty breakfast we headed out to Edinburgh Castle, but hadn't figured on the Scottish weather; the heavy downpour forced a change in plans and we headed to our later activity first.....the Edinburgh Dungeons.

The boys entered the Dungeons in great spirits, determined to laugh their way through the event....this was a short lived intention as they were soon jumping and shrieking at the actors bursting out and holding their attention with tales of Scotland's gory past. A few boys demonstrated some high pitched squealing that normally only follows an injury, particularly our rugby captain who jumped a foot in the air when the plague doctor appeared behind him. From here we headed back to the hotel for lunch and the dreaded kit wash......that was the real horror of Edinburgh !

In the afternoon we headed up the hill to the Castle and had a great time seeing the history of the city, including Scotland's Crown Jewels. Finn K told us about the cannons in great detail, far more than any tour guide would have.

After this came a trip to the cinema for Johnny English 3 which was the right event after a long day of walking. The boys were full of slushies, popcorn and had a great time (especially Mr Dawson). From here was dinner and then back to the hotel for an early night before the next set of fixtures tomorrow.